How accurate was the needle and threat gender predictor for you?


Every old Wives tale me and my husband did said we were going to have a girl.9 months later we had a boy : Source(s) Son is 3 months old :
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The gender predictor test is around 82
To perform the gender prediction test, please collect your first morning urine sample in a clean plastic cup and let it cool down for 2-3 minutes to reach room temperature. Perform
Reaction occurs when chemical compound is being dissolved and mixed with solute molecules in the urine resulting from biochemical activity within the cells of the body, and triggers
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Without having a medical test completed, all gender prediction tests are just for fun. After week 18, a family can have an ultrasound run to predict the gender ...
Old wives' tales claim there are several tests that can be run to predict your baby's gender. A gender prediction test is not something that should be relied on, ...
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