What are the instructions for a New Balance pedometer?


In order to maintain accuracy when you are attempting to measure the amount of steps walked, it is a very good idea to invest in a pedometer. New Balance is one popular brand of pedometer that is said to be very helpful at giving accurate measurements and readings. Always read the New Balance pedometer instructions after purchase in order to become familiar with all of the settings. If you have lost or misplaced your instructions, the official New Balance website provides product instructions at no cost.
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Each mode on the New Balance Via Active USB Pedometer functions in similar ways and all can be reset at the beginning or end of use. To reset the step count, for example, press the
Contact New Balance Customer Service: (800) 253-7463 Monday – Friday 8:30AM to 8:00PM ET Search our FAQs
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A pedometer is a convenient device for walkers, runners or others who are concerned about their fitness. The device is used to keep track of how many steps an athlete takes in a determined
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