Newborn Twitching?


In case a newborn baby twitches a lot, parents should not have anything to worry about because they have endless movement and energy and their central nervous system is still immature and developing. It is common for newborns to twitch when asleep and it is known as benign sleep myoclonus and they will outgrow the movements in a few months.
Q&A Related to "Newborn Twitching"
All babies have involuntary reflexes which are part of the natural development of their
The common phrase "Sleep like a baby" conjures up images of a newborn in a peaceful, deep slumber for many parents. But, in reality infants twitch, gurgle, stop breathing,
Newborn infants are bundles of endless energy and movement. The central nervous system of a newborn is still immature, and your baby doesn't really have control over his body's movements
REM Cycle Babies dream just like adults do, and that means they have REM, or rapid eye movement, during a cycle of dreaming. During a REM cycle, your newborn's face will twitch. She
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