Why would my nose be sore to the touch?


A nose that is sore to the touch can be caused by several different conditions. One of the most obvious causes of a sore nose is one that is tender from the effects of sneezing, and having to blow and wipe the nose due to hay fever or other allergic reactions. A nose that is sore to the touch can also be caused by having a herpes simplex outbreak. A herpes simplex outbreak is nothing other than a cold sore. But if the cause of the soreness can't be pinpointed or if the situation persists, it is important to consult a physician about the problem.
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Nose sores can be uncomfortable, painful and annoying. Nose sores appear and occur like regular pimples and are scaly, crusty and bleed when picked at. According to heath site Ygoy.com
1. Clear out your nose. Blow as hard as you can, and get all of that mucus out. Ad. 2. Locate some petroleum jelly. It is more commonly referred to as Vaseline. 3. Take a Q-tip, tissue
Say what? Touch nose?? Are you absolutely flipped out?? Consult your doctor without delay
A "nose nudge" is a very high compliment; in effect, you have been declared to be an honorary cat. : Cats will only do this with humans they are close to.
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