Where can I find a notary public in my area?


A notary public can often be found on staff in some banks and other financial institutions, as well as in legal offices and government agency offices, particularly title agencies. In some areas, there may also be separate privately owned notary offices.

A notary public is a legal official who is authorized to perform a variety of tasks, mostly relating to validating signatures on important legal documents. In the United States, notaries public are appointed by the state government and have authority only in that particular state. Notaries are not required to have any significant legal knowledge or training, though some states require potential notaries to complete a short course before being commissioned.

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1. Check your local bank. All banks typically have a notary public on the premises. You usually don't need to have an account to use the services of the notary public, but you may
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Generally, section 142-a of the Executive Law provides that a document notarized by a person who was not commissioned as a notary public will not be deemed invalid because of that
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A notary public is a civil servant who acts as a legal and state authorized witness for various purposes. What is a notary public's job description? A state Notary ...
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