Which nouns begin with D?


A noun is a part of speech that represents a person, place, proper name, or thing. Names like Dennis, Denise, Desiree, Daniel, Derek, and Drew are all proper nouns. Common nouns that start with the letter D include dad, dog, doll, dust, drum, dinner, donkey, daughter, and doctor. A combination of common and proper nouns are considered to be proper nouns. An example of this would be Doctor Dennison when used in the sentence, Doctor Dennison said that my cold symptoms should be gone in just a few days.
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dog. dolphin. doofus. dorf. dwarf. date. drawer. drapes. dad. door. dork.
Decency, Decent, Delectable, Delicate, Delicious, Delight, Desirable, Do,
van, vet, viper, vacation, vacuume, vaccine, valet, valentines day, vally, value, verse, vapor, vessel, varisity, vibration, vase, vortex, veal, vegetable, vehicle, venom Vacuum cleaner
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