What is the nuclear membrane in a plant cell?


A cell is the unit of life required for all living things to continue living. Plant cells and animal cells have many similar characteristics, but they also have differences. The plant cell is surrounded by a rigid thick wall. The nuclear membrane is the third layer of the cell. It is made up of protein and fat and protects the nucleus from certain substances passing through. The nucleus is a protector of the nucleolus, which is found in the very center of the entire cell structure.
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A nuclear membrane is the double-layered membrane enclosing
i really dont know thatz why iam asking what is the answer lol :D PLZ HELP ME.
Cell walls are composed of fibers of carbohydrate polymers such as cellulose and pectin. These fibers form a tough but flexible "mesh" surrounding the cell membrane that
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Nuclear Envelope
The nuclear envelope is a double-layered membrane that encloses the contents of the nucleus during most of the cell's lifecycle. The outer nuclear membrane is continuous with the membrane of the rough endoplasmic reticulum (ER), and like that structure... More »
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