How to Set Up Codes on One for All Remote.?


1. Look up the codes for the device you wish to program in your remote control's manual. 2. Manually turn on your device, and press the button for the device you wish to program on the remote. 3. Press and hold the "Setup" button until the light on
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About Universal Remotes
Universal remote controls are devices that can remotely control multiple components in a home entertainment center. Most universal remote controls can control a television, a DVD player, a cable box, and a VCR. Knowing how to program and use a universal... More »
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Universal Remote Codes are found in the Setup Manual provided by the vendor. All you need is feed the specific appliance code into remote to control it.
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To program on for all remote codes, you need to have the model number for the remote. Then you can find the codes to allow you to program the remote. Each remote ...
There are a few Smart Central remotes that can be used for a wide variety of electronics, not just for televisions. There are one for all TV remote codes that ...
One for all universal remote codes are all different depending on the remote. Also, different electronics will require a different code. A universal remote is ...
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