Open Sores That Will Not Heal?


Open sores that will not heal may be infected. A person who is slow to heal may also have other medical conditions such as diabetes or circulation problems. Those with diabetes are 10 times more likely to have a limb amputated due to sores and infections. If you have a wound, and have had it for awhile, it would be wise to make a doctor's appointment. You may need an antibiotic to clear up an infection or they may find you have an underlying condition which causes slow wound healing.
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How can I help heal an open sore on my lip that I caused by biting it?
1. Brush your teeth with a toothpaste that doesn't contain sodium lauryl sulfate two or three times a day. 2. Rinse your mouth with mouthwash that doesn't contain sodium lauryl sulfate
Canker sores are basically cold sores that are inside the mouth. If your case isn't extreme, try swishing with warm salt water at least 3 times daily. Taking the herbal supplement
Prevent outbreaks. Although there is no hard and fast way to predict a lip sore outbreak, there are some definite patterns involved. The sun is one of the most common triggers of
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