Origin of Horseplay?


Horseplay originates from the fact that horses enjoy frolicking, running and charging around to release energy, and sometimes there is little warning that a horse is going to bolt. From these actions then comes the meaning as being rough or a boisterous play. It was coined between 1580 and 1590.
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English Morris dancers were often accompanied by players riding wooden hobby horses. These horses were expected to perform many antics and move about uncontrollably.
"Horseplay" was first used in 1589, but the specific etymology of the
I can't find the origin, but the word has been used with its contemporary meaning since 1589. Source(s) OED.
Unfortunately I don't have any answer to this. One of my favorite sources, the Online Etymological Dictionary, says only that it was first used in 1528. Usually horseplay is used
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