How to Find Your PUK Number.?


1. Check your online billing account to see if there is an option for resetting your SIM card. Search for "Unblock SIM card" or "Reset SIM card. If your service provider has this option available, follow the instructions to obtain your PUK. 2. Call
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it is like a number that comes up to prove you can hav a security number.When i tried to get a security code it cam up with what is the puk code so call the place where u got the
If a GSM or GAIT subscriber enters the wrong PIN 3 times in a row then the
I think u have tried wrong code several times u need to go to ur service provider they can help u in this pls rate me well !
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PUK numbers or codes are a set of digits that is used to unblock a blocked phone. It stands for Personal Unblocking Key. Cases of mobile phones becoming blocked ...
A puk code on a mobile phone refers to a six number code that helps people to recover their PIN (Personal Identification Number). A person is required to enter ...
When asked to enter the PUK code, this is referring to the set of numbers found on the barcode of a product. This is typically done in retail shops and stores ...
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