How Is Algebra Used in Everyday Life?


The use of Algebra in everyday life may be between slim to none. Algebra is however, used in the working of all electronics and computer graphics. The design of highway routes is based on calculus.
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Geometry is all around you everyday. I like to play pool. Though, I'm not any good at it, I have to used geometry in order to get the ball in the pocket.
The St. Louis arch is one of the most famous parabolas:…. This logo is using parabolas:
1. Make friends more a part of your life. If it’s been a while since you’ve contacted an old pal, make a phone call. If you don’t have time for long visits, grab
Panic attacks in the medical world are often explained as a sudden intense fear or anxiety. They usually begin unexpectedly and often unprovoked. Generally panic attacks last between
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The conic sections are parabola, hyperbola, circle and ellipse. In everyday life parabolic mirrors are used to congregate light beams at the centre of the parabola ...
Real life parabolas are used in in the actual creation is the trajectory of a ball in free flight. Rotating liquid is also another actual life parabola example ...
There are many parabola examples in real life. A parabola is usually used when graphing a quadratic equation. Satellites, flashlights, and even rotating liquid ...
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