Who was Arnold Murray?


Arnold Murray was the pastor and founder of Shepherd's Chapel, a Christian church in Gravette, Ark. Born in 1929, Murray founded the Shepherd's Chapel in 1985. He died on Feb. 12, 2014.

According to the Christian Apologetics and Research Ministry, Arnold Murray made several claims toward his identity during his lifetime, though most remain unconfirmed. He called himself a doctor though no proof of his doctorate was ever found. Murray also claimed he was a veteran from the Korean War.

In a 2008 study conducted by the Southern Poverty Law Center, which examined the church's Christian Identity movement roots, Murray was criticised for his practices and his teachings. Though he denied any "explicit advocacy" for racism and anti-Semitism, he referred to many Israeli Jews as "Kenites," or descendants from Cain (who Murray believed to be the son of Eve and Satan).

Many Christian groups have warned against Murray's teachings because he did not believe in most of the mainstream Christian beliefs, such as the Holy Trinity, the existence of Hell, and his suggestion that Eve had sexual relations with Satan.

Shepherd's Chapel is a Christian church and broadcast facility in Arkansas. The church is known for its hour-long bible study broadcasts, which were first televised in 1985. It is believed to be one of the largest independent Christian television networks in the world, and is broadcast over DirecTV and Dish Network. It also broadcasts 24 hours a day on their website.

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I just heard he died this month on the 15th, of a heart attack.
Do not blindly follow after any man, compare what he has taught you to the word of God. If his teachings do not line up with God's holy word then he doesn't need to be teaching others
Pastor Arnold Murray is 84 years old.
1929. the year 1929.
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