What is IP address ""?


Ip Address 192 168 0 1 is both a default and a private address. It is the default Ip address of some routers.This address will be have to be entered in the address bar of the preferred browser if access of the router's settings page is desired.
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Simply, it will "ping" (send data and request a response) the device on the local network at the IP address (usually that address will be held by a router) 100
Here are screenshots to user hyperterminal in the enclosed word doc go to ROMMON mode using break or CTRL-Break make sure you have TFTP software on your pc (cisco's is free) rommon
Depends on what kind of router you have. If you have a Belkin, the default
That will cause your computer to ping (talk to) whatever is at (usually your router) using 1000 bytes of data and repeat it 100 times. That is a large block of data and
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