What are some pool team names?


There is a seemingly endless list of popular names for pool teams. One thing to keep in mind is that the American Poolplayers Association and many professional leagues do not allow offensive team names. They cannot be vulgar, profane, have references to drugs, violence or anything else the Association considers inappropriate. They also do not allow acronyms. Some pool team names are Big Dogs, Off in the Corner, Born to Win, Shoot 2 Thrill, 8-Ball Maniacs, 6 Sticks 2 Pockets, 4 Racks & 8 Balls, and Bankers and Shooters.
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1. Gather team members together to discuss possible names. Your team name will be the ID that you use on geocaching websites to log caches you've hid or found and to discuss geocaching
Funny Pool teams are: Super Shafts All Balls, White Balls. and Ball
YMCA Embarcadero! Nice pool and an active masters team. Single site membership to just the Embarcadero Y is like ~70 per month.
One name is a scoop shot, which is a foul.
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