What are the porcupine's enemies?


Porcupines aren't aggressive animals by nature and have only a short list of enemies. The fisher is at the top of the list. A fisher is a kind of wild cat that is known to make porcupines vulnerable for attack by flipping them on their belly. Some of the other enemies of porcupines include cougars, owls, wolves, eagles, and pythons. Domesticated dogs have also been known to attack porcupines, but learn very quickly that they are no match for the painful barbed quills. Some humans also make themselves enemies of the porcupines because they hunt them only to steal their quills.
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the porcupines enemies or predators are the coyote, black marten, cougars, and bobcats
The porcupine's natural predators include fishers (a marten-like animal)
The African porcupine rushes backwards suddenly, with its spines erected, and tries to drive them into its foe. The Canadian species, which has much shorter spines, uses its powerful
The fisher is the best-known porcupine hunter. It was successfully
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