Is tingling normal during pregnancy?


According to What to Expect, tingling hands are a common condition during pregnancy. Pregnancy often causes swelling, which pushes on wrist nerves and leads to numbness. In serious cases, the pressure leads to carpal tunnel syndrome.

What to Expect explains that hand tingling and pain are more common when lying down at night, because fluids that have been in the lower body are free to circulate and accumulate in the wrists. To minimize swelling, a pregnant woman should not sleep on her hands. Propping them up at night on pillows helps. During the day, caffeine should be avoided. In addition, the hands and wrists should get frequent breaks to be shaken out and rotated.

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Yes, depending on how far along you are
More than likely the baby playing with the umbilical cord. I could swear at times mine thinks it's a jump rope! LOL. It's normal. Congrats to your friend! If she is still curious
I think am pregnant at early stage, the test was negative but signs is there, I had tingling feelings in different part of my lower abdomen many times nor and still for seconds. Had
that's sciatic pain and it is related to the baby being on a nerve. i had it really late in my pgcy with my 3rd. this pregnancy i had it earlier on and this is what my midwife suggested
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