What should you do with a pregnant Siberian Husky?


A pregnant Siberian Husky should be seen by a vet in order to make sure that she is doing well. You will know that your Siberian Husky is pregnant if you take her to the vet and he performs a blood test on her. If she has been pregnant for awhile she will probably already be showing. Her stomach will begin to sag and her nipples will become more pronounced. Your female may begin to start nesting and looking for a safe and warm place to have her puppies when it's time.
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58-66 days.
The gestation period for the Siberian Husky is an average of 63 days. The
1. Look at the general appearance and size of the Siberian Husky. This is a medium-sized breed in the working dog category. Its moderately-compact body is well-furred, and the ears
same as any other dog - 9 weeks give or take a few days. If you think your dog is pregnant, she obviously needs to see a vet for pre-natal care and you surely need to learn how to
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