What are some examples of preschool names?


Examples of actual preschool names: include Alphabet Academy, Brighter Horizons Child Development Center, Child Time, Circle of Children, Educare Learning Center, First Steps Preschool, Green Beginning, The Growing Place, Happy Land, Home Sweet Home Day Care and Preschool, Imagination Station, A Kid's Place, Kidzone Learning Center, La Petite Academy, Little Scholars Academy, Morning Star Preschool, Sunflower Preschool and The Toddler House.

The trend in preschool naming in the 21st century is for academic-sounding names. This appeals to parents, perhaps especially those who are upwardly mobile or have higher levels of education themselves. The term "day care" makes people think of babysitting, whereas "learning center," "academy" and even "preschool" sound more learning focused.

Although preschools can range in size from just a few children in a home-based day care to dozens in a corporate setting, newly established preschools will still lean toward reassuring names. For example: Happy Land, Home Sweet Home Day Care and Preschool and Sunflower Preschool.

When deciding what name to pick for a new preschool, take a look at local history and geography for ideas. Also try to seek out inspiration from folklore and mythology. Research existing preschools in the surrounding regions in order to avoid confusing similarities or negative associations.

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