How to Relieve Sinus Pressure Behind One Eye.?


If you have ever had a pounding headache and it feels like your eyeball is about to come bursting out of your head, it's probably a sign that you have a horrible sinus infection. A sinus infection is an inflammation of the membranes inside your nasal
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Eye Pain
Eye pain is also known as ophthalmalgia. Depending on where you experience the discomfort, eye pain can fall into one of two categories: ocular pain (occurs on the eye’s surface), and orbital pain (occurs within the eye). Eye pain is common, but it’s rarely a symptom of. . . More »
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By "pressure behind an eye, I'm going to assume that what is meant is pressure inside the eye. Eye pressure (intraocular pressure) is controlled by a watery fluid called aqueous
The normal eye pressure is between 10 to 21 mmHg (millimeters of mercury) this can be tested by going to your local optometrist during your routine eye exam.
Allergic Rhinitis Sinus Headache and Sinusitis can cause
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Pressure behind the eye may be a symptom of sinusitis. The other symptoms may be thick nasal drainage and pressure on the forehead which results in a serious headache ...
Pressure behind the right eye can have a range of causes, including a build up of aqueous humor (the liquid that regulates eye pressure), glaucoma and excessive ...
Pressure within the eye is caused by a watery fluid which fills the front part of the eye known as the aqueous humour. A disease known as glaucoma results when ...
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