What is a good problem solution essay topic?


smoking in restaurants.
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How to Write a Formal Problem Solution Essay
An informative essay seeks to inform the audience on a subject while argumentative essays are designed to argue for a certain claim and include factual evidence to verify it. But in problem/solution essays, you're stating a problem and offering possible... More »
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1. Choose a topic and clearly define the problem that is going to be dealt with. Include a strong thesis statement in the opening paragraph. Examples of topics include global warming
A good topic might be, "Should parents smack, slap or hit their
Problem- Global Warming. Solution- Using hybrid cars instead of SUVs. Problem- Repeat Sexual Offenders. Solution- Harsher punishments for 1st time offenders. Problem- Fat Americans.
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There are numerous good topics for a problem solution essay and one should choose a topic that interests them and one that they have an opinion on. Some examples ...
The key idea of writing a problem/solution essay is choosing a sophisticated topic for your future discussion. Try presenting your readers with commonly accepted ...
A problem solution essay is an essay that talks about a problem and possible solutions to the problem. It can be assigned in a college composition class or high ...
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