Pros and Cons of Technology?


The pros and cons of technology are numerous. One benefit of technology is that people are able to access information and each other much faster and easier than ever before. Doctors can access your test results and medical charts quickly due to technology in the medical profession. With technology, companies save money because they do not have to pay travel expenses or even have to have a physical location. Technology makes life convenient and efficient.

There are also several cons to technology. Unfortunately, some forms of technology could cause a person to become dependent on that technology and unable to function well without access to it. For example, many people have problems driving without a GPS to guide their route. Other cons might include the constant need to upgrade the technology, lack of patience and constant need for instant gratification, a decline in writing skills, or even a lack of physical interactivity.
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Pros and Cons of Technology There are many pros of technology. Technology helped us invent cars, Televisions, air conditioners, etc. One really valuable asset, is our dear computers
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Another way to put this would be advantage and disadvantage. A pro would be a good reason to make a certain decision and a con would be a bad reason to make a certain decision.
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