What are the qualities of a good researcher?


Some qualities good researchers possess include identifying information that is relevant, authoritative and timely. Researchers use a discriminating eye to find quality information that serves their purpose. In turn, their audience appreciates their quality work.

Whether they are researching data from surveys or searching the Internet for information for a blog post, they must find relevant information. Researchers who miss the importance of having relevant information make faulty conclusions about their research. Those who eliminate information that does not support their purpose risk losing credibility with their audience.

Authoritative sources consistently produce credible work. As experts in their field, most consider their work reliable. Researchers must use only the information from authoritative sources, or they jeopardize results of their hard work. Anyone can upload information to the Internet; therefore, a lot of information found online isn't factual. Good researchers use their discerning eye to ignore faulty assumptions and misleading data to protect the information of their research.

Timely information means the information is still relevant. Up-to-date information allows research professionals to continue making progress. Using old information in their study compromises their results. No researcher wants to produce bad data; therefore, they vet the information to make sure it still applies.

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