What is Rf value in chromatography?


Rf value is the ratio of distance travelled by the solute to the distance travelled by the solvent front.
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How to Calculate RF Values for Dyes
Retention factor, or RF, represents a parameter in a separation technique known as paper chromatography. Many high school and university chemistry students use paper chromatography to separate a mixture of dyes, such as those found in candy or ink pens... More »
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in chromatography Rf = (height or length the component travelled or eluted from the starting point) divided by the total length the mobile phase or solvent travelled, mainly used
The Rf value is = Distance moved by the pigment /Distance from pigment
The RF value is also known as the retardation factor. It is used in chromatography, and it finds the ratio of the time an object spent stationary relative to the time it spent moving
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The Rf value is = Distance moved by the pigment /Distance from pigment ...
The RF chromatography is also referred to as the retention value. Individual compounds have their own retention values. Dyes, pigments and other solutions fit ...
The Rf value is a value used in chromatography to determine the relative distance traveled. The Rf stands for "retention factor". It is determined by ...
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