Real Life Negative Correlation Examples?


A real life example of a negative correlation could be the changing temperatures due to the seasons. As the weather gets colder, heat bills will rise. However, when warmer weather comes back around, heat bills will decrease, which is an example of a positive correlation. There are also situations that have neither positive nor negative correlations such as the hot temperatures of summer causing ice cream sales to soar, but when the cold weather temperatures come back, ice cream sales will decline but hot chocolate sales will rise. It is a win/win situation.
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Positive Correlation- Age - Amount of medical conditions. Negative Correlation- Television Watching- Grades. No Correlation- Height of a person- Number of shoes they own. Hope this
A positive correlation means as the first goes up, so does the second. A negative correlation means as the first goes up, the second goes down. Examples of positive correlations:
A real life example of a positive correlation is that we find
In an absolute sense you cannot have fewer than 0 apples. If you are in debt to someone for an apple (perhaps they gave you one and you ate it) you may say you have -1 apples, but
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