Recover Deleted Internet History?


Fortunately, once Internet history is deleted from your browser, it's not completely erased from your hard drive. There are a few ways to recover deleted history. Some are admittedly more complicated than others.

  • If you just now deleted the content, try selecting 'Undo' from the Edit menu at the top of your browser preferences. No go? It was worth a shot.
  • With Windows, using the system restore is the next easiest option. To do so, click on Start and go to Programs. In the Programs menu, click on Accessories and then System Tools. Select System Restore and choose the date you want to recover.
  • Sometimes the restore option is disabled. If this is the case, you can use a desktop search program such as Yahoo or Google desktop search. Try searching for a few keywords that you can recall from your deleted history. Desktop search or system recovery doesn't always work, especially if the files were deleted manually.
  • Luckily, a look into the log files can also let you recover deleted Internet history. The index.dat file in Internet Explorer or the history.dat file in Firefox is the log file that stores all the information from the operations you have performed. Deleting the Internet history does not have any impact on this file. This is the one sure way to get back the information you want. However, you will have to download an index.dat or history.dat reader to understand the file. Software like X-Ways Trace can be used for viewing the deleted history.
  • To locate your deleted history on a Mac, first try searching for the cookies that are still on your system from a desktop search. If the Time Machine application was set up before the browser history was deleted, you can locate also locate your history there. Open Time Machine and click on the Security option at the top of the Preferences box. Next, select Show Cookies and you should see your deleted browsing history.
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It's virtually impossible unless you are on a proxy server in which case you will need access to the server.
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