Rectangular Pyramid?


A rectangular pyramid is a prism. It is a pyramid with rectangular base. Its lateral faces are consist of four triangles. Other types of pyramid are triangular, pentagonal and hexagonal pyramids.
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1. Draw a 6-by-8 rectangle in the center of the graph paper (6 squares in width and 8 squares in height). 2. Starting at the top left of the rectangle, count over to the right three
A pyramid with a rectangular base coming up to an apex.
The volume of a pyramid with a rectangular base is equal to:
triangular pyramids have 3 triangles coming to a point, which come off of a common triangular base. In the case of a rectangular pyramid, 4 triangles come off of a rectangular base,
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Rectangular Pyramids
Faces: 5
Edges: 8
Vertices: 5
Volume: V=(1/3)x(LxW)xH. L is the length of one side of the base, W is the width and H is the height of the pyramid.
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