What is the value of a 1928 G US 2 dollar bill with a red seal?


Retail prices range from $5 to $10 depending on wear. A nice uncirculated one might retail for $25 or so. The red ink indicates your bill is a United States Note, a form of currency similar to Federal Reserve Notes that was issued until the late
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What Are Two Dollar Bills Worth?
Two-dollar bills have been issued by the United States in one form or another since 1862 and still exist as Federal Reserve Notes, though they are not commonly circulated. As collectors' items, they have a wide variety of values depending on age,... More »
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The two dollar bill has had many faces over time. Beginning in 1862 Alexander Hamilton appeared on the bill. In 1869 he was replaced by his adversary Thomas Jefferson. George Washington
The value of a 1953 red seal 2 dollar bill depends on the
More information is needed. Please post a new and separate question with the bill's date and what letter (if any) is next to the date. You don't need to give its serial number, though
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This is not a rare note. In average circulated condition they are worth $2.25 to $5. In uncirculated condition they are worth around $12. ...
There were no $2 bills printed with the date 1923. If you mean 192. 8. please see the Related Question for more information. ...
The U.S. didn't print any $2 bills dated 1950. Please check again and post a new question. ...
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