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Removing a perm can be done by cutting the affected hair, or by using other chemical treatments or natural treatments to remove the perm from the hair without affecting the length. The natural treatments are recommended because the chemical treatments for straightening hair are really meant to be used on hair that is naturally curly or wavy, not hair that has already been processed into a curly state. The first thing to do is shampoo your hair with a clarifying shampoo, and let it sit on your hair for a few minutes without massaging. Then perm your hair again and comb the solution through; rinse your hair for a good five minutes and then apply the neutralizer.
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1. Wash hair. If you have gotten your perm within the past couple days and want to undo it, immediately wash your hair. Use a deep cleansing shampoo and wash repeatedly. If your perm
You should use a straightening iron.
It's most likely a cheaper lotion the salon used. I'd say keep it a day more just so ur perm is longer lasting. If you can't stand it, spray some nice acidic smelling leave in conditioner
To remove perm solution from the skin, you need to run it under water, and
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How to Remove a Perm
Perms involve curling hair with rods or curlers, and then applying chemicals to the hair. The chemicals break down certain bonds in the hair's natural texture so the hair remains curly after repeated washings. The word "perm" comes from "permanent" and... More »
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