What causes rib pain?


There could be many reason for rib pain. Broken ribs could be the reason. Rib cartilage injury, osteoarthritis, tuberculosis are only some of the causes for rib pain. It would be wise to visit your physician if pain persist.
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broken rib? or perhaps you pulled an intercostal muscle. between each rib is a muscle that holds them together. This is the part you eat if it were a pig or cow. And since it IS a
Any fracture has the ability to 'move' as the continuity of the bone has been interrupted. The cough impulse generally causes the chest to expand rapidly and forcibly in an outward
1. Identify when the pain started. Note if there was an accident or activity that caused the initial onset or whether you've had a recent illness. A lung infection or other disease
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Rib pain can be caused by rib injury, lung cancer and chronic cough. Other causes include rib cartilage injury and pneumonia. Rib pain is also known as intercostal ...
The causes of sharp pains in the back of the head when coughing are usually due to preexisting pain such as migraines. This is due to the pressure created during ...
The pain can be caused by muscle pain due to over exertion doing a strainous activity involving the back. The pain can also be due to a cracked rib as a result ...
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