Who is Rika Nishimura?


Rika Nishimura, also known as Nishimura Rika, is the pseudonym for a nude Japanese female model photographed by Rikitake Yasushi. Her real name is unknown. Her first photographs were released in the 1994 photo book “Before Waking Up.” She is known worldwide as the “Pretty Girl of Legend.”

Nishimura Rika released seven nude photo books and videos between the years 1994 and 1999, entitled “Before Waking Up,” “FRIENDS IV,” “FRIENDS V,” “Six Years 11.12,” Six Years 13.14,” “Six Years 15.16” and “Last Christmas.” Her most famous appearances appeared courtesy of the two "FRIENDS" photo books photographed by Rikitake Yasushi. She maintained her current legendary status with a reprinting via the photo book “Pretty Girl of Legend — Nishimura Rika" and a DVD compilation entitled “Rika, 22 Years Old — A Goddess Reincarnated” in 2004. Her images are often seen on the Internet under the names of Eri, Erika, Ding, Fumiko, Fizuka and Fumie. These images are a direct violation of intellectual property laws. It was a norm for pre-teen Japanese girls to adopt an alias and become junior idols for "lolita books." The infamy surrounding Nishimura Rika’s age has added to her legendary status; the genre of books that she appeared in were not illegal in the 1980s, but they are outlawed in Japan.

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Nishimura Rika was born in 1981 and is a nude gravure idol from Japan photographed by Rikitake Yasushi. Her real name is not known. She started to released nude photobooks in 1994.
Nishimura Rika's birth happened in 1981. That makes her current age 32 or 33 years old.
pertaining to the country of Japan.
pertaining to the country of Japan.
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