What diseases affect sago palms?


According to Garden Guides, armored scales, theilaviopsis trunk rot, Ganoderma butt rot and Phytophthora fungi are common diseases which can affect sago palms. A number of diseases are prevalent to this tree, and most have no cure.

Armored scales cause a serious infestation in sago palm trees. The leaves whither and die during infestation and the trunk of the tree becomes stunted. Eliminating these pests involves three methods: apply horticultural oil, spray chemicals or use natural predators, such as ants.

Theilaviopsis trunk rot is the direct result of the Theilaviopsis fungus. This fungus causes the leaves and the top of the plant to collapse. There is no cure for this disease, so the tree must be removed permanetly.

Ganoderma butt rot is caused by the Ganoderma zonatum fungus. Immediate removal and destruction of the tree is the only option for trees infected with this fungus. This disease thrives in soil, so other trees that are planted in the same location are susceptible to it as well. Choose a different planting location to prevent this disease from infecting newly planted trees.

Phytophthora fungi rots the tree collar, crown, foot and roots. Discoloration of the bark and sap ooze are common symptoms of this disease. Removing and destroying the tree is the only option once the tree is infected. Tear out the tree and roots; then apply a better-draining soil before planting another tree in the same location.

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1. Feed your sago palm with a commercial slow-release granular fertilizer specifically formulated for palm trees in March, May, July and September. According to Tom Broome, president
A sago palm tree is a variety of tropical palm tree. Their scientific name is cycas revoluta. They are found in many places of the world where tropical plants grow.
1 First check your sago for signs of scale by looking underneath the fronds. If you see white dust like particles, then your sago has scale. 2 If your sago is growing new fronds,
n. Any of various palms of the genera Metroxylon, Arenga, and Caryota of tropical Asia. Either of two palmlike cycads (Cycas circinalis or C. revoluta) of eastern and tropical Asia.
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Sago Palm Disease
Sago palms are susceptible to insects called scales. While not easy to control, scale disease damage can be mitigated. Untreated scale disease will attack the palm's leaves, roots and trunk.... More »
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