What are the universal codes for a Sanyo remote?


SANYO 238 248 267 268
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How to Program a Sanyo Universal Remote
Universal remote controls have become quite common over the last decade. They are user-friendly and easy to program and operate. You can successfully program your Sanyo universal remote control whether you have your physical instruction manual or not.... More »
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universal controll code for sanyo tv.
1. Locate the activation code for your Sanyo universal remote. If you do not have access to your activation code, ReplacementRemotes.com can help. Click "Universal Remote Codes
06812 give this code.or give me detail of urs model no i give u detail.
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TV: 1047 1078 1080 1121 1129 1163 ...
One for All Urc 3220 is a universal remote control for Sony devices like VCR, VHS and LDP. The code for Sanyo TV is 0292 0154 0208 0157 0484 0721 0036 0011 0370 ...
To program a Sanyo universal remote, you need to first locate the activation code. Then, press and hold the 'Setup' button that is located at the top left corner ...
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