What is a school canteen?


According to Dictionary.com, a school canteen is a place where refreshments or supplies are sold. A school canteen can also be referred to as a cafeteria or dining hall.

A school canteen can also refer to a snack bar within a school cafeteria. School canteens are often run by the schools themselves, but they can also be run or influenced by private companies or by citizens and parents' associations. The aim of a school canteen is to provide nutritious and healthy food for the pupils, and a school canteen helps to influence the development of proper eating habits in students.

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no every school canteen to small student no for this any persion like.
i think it's a place where u can buy a foods and drinks. there's so much kind of foods and drinks in there.
1) The Breaking Point 2) The Pit Stop 3) School Mascot's Cafe (insert appropriate name)
The healthy school meal from the canteen could be some of the following: a jacket potato with tuna and sweetcorn - through eating the tuna you are getting omega 3 which improves brain
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Foods for School Canteens
Healthy eating habits form at a young age, and schools can help teach those behaviors by stocking the school canteen with a variety of healthy options. When students don't have the option of purchasing chips or ice cream as a lunch, they make healthier... More »
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