How to Start a School Newspaper?


To start a school newspaper you must first the support of your leader. Once you have done this, you need to get a staff. After you have a staff, you must get someone to represent you all at each of the events that are taking place at the school.
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1. Come up with your headline. Newspapers have headlines on the front page that are meant to produce interest in the newspaper so that students want to read it. The headline should
1 Apply for the job . They will sort through the applications, and then they will choose the most qualified person. After you're done filling out the application, turn it in to the
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There are many ways to name a school newspaper. Many school papers are named after the schools mascot. An example would be The Eagle Monthly. A school might name ...
High school newspaper ideas should appeal to readers. The High School Journalism Institute suggests journalists exchange unique ideas with other high school newspapers ...
Write what you know. A high school newspaper is written for high school students by high school students, so the topics you cover should reflect that.
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