What is the Price of Scrap Aluminum?


The scrap price of aluminum fluctuates with the market, as well as by location. Aluminum is among the cheapest metals. Generally, you can expect about ten dollars for a large garbage bag full of crushed soda pop cans.
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How to Sell Scrap Aluminum
A simple way to make a second income is in the selling of scrap aluminum. For people who enjoy spending a day in their pickup truck on the hunt, this is a perfect combination of hobby and profession. Learn what kinds of common household items have... More »
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1. Collect all of your scrap aluminum and get it ready to go. Most of us will only have aluminum cans to turn in. However, if you have an old television antenna that you no longer
As of Oct 28, 2008 - depends on the grade and preparation of the material. For mixed aluminum scrap expect around 29 cents per pound whereas for cast aluminum expect around 75 cents
Old mixed aluminum scrap prices go for between $0.29 and $0.38 per pound. Clean
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Scrap aluminum cans are rated at $.56 cents per pound of aluminum cans in Minnesota. This rate is as of December 2012. ...
The prices of scrap aluminum not only in Ohio but in North America as of November 2012 ranges from $.30 to $1.61 per pound. The prices depend on the kind and quality ...
Scrap aluminum is not that expensive matter fact it is really cheap. The value on it seems to be around 30 cents to five dollars per pound. That is in the USA ...
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