Send Text Message from Computer?


Sending text messages from a computer has never been easier than it is today. Anyone is able to text other people to their cellphones by using a computer. Some of these methods are done by way of social networking sites, instant messaging programs, and your cellphone provider's website. These methods will allow you to both send and receive text messages back to your computer. Some services only permit you to send the text message but will not allow you to receive one back due to limited capabilities.
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1. Send a text message using the proper format or using a generic format. Use the format specific to the recipient's cell phone provider, if you know it. 2. Send an email via SMS
SMS You simply send it like a regular email. To send to a phone directly you input the number address for the phone provider. For example, verizons text address is the persons phone
Clickatell - /. has worked very well for me and is fairly inexpensive.
i don't think you can't if they have Internet they could do on facebook,twitter exetera and then you could talk.
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How to Send & Receive Free Online Text Messages
Text messaging is a great way to keep in touch with individuals that have cell phones. Unfortunately you may not always have access to a cell phone to text someone when you need to. Luckily, it is easy to both send and receive text messages online with... More »
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