How to Send a Computer Virus?


Computer viruses can be sent as email attachments. The recipient would have to open up the attachment in order for the virus to attack the computer.
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It may be either a hacker, the fact that you might have made them mad, or they just arent very nice.
1. Purchase a container that is weather-resistant and can hold at least 275 pounds of weight on it without being crushed - per USPS guidelines. Make sure there are holes in the container
It is unknown and illegal to send a virus to someones blackberry!
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Viruses are usually sent to people via e-mail or through attachments in e-mail. Fortunately, many e-mail programs will automatically block downloads or scan for ...
To send someone a virus you can take the virus and attach it to a word document. Go into your email and type out the person email address that you want to send ...
You should know better than to ask that. A. Because it's complicated, and 2. because it's illegal. Go use your computer smarts to design and sell software or something ...
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