What are some ideas for a senior project?


Some great ideas could be your own experience! like mine was a city life to moving on a farm and working with horses, sheep, ducks, chickens, rams, etc! so i could write about what Ive learned and such or you could do a job you want to do when your
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List of Senior Project Ideas
The senior project provides a learning experience beyond the classroom walls. Typically, the high school senior chooses a field that he is interested in researching, gathers data to complete a thesis and then does field work to complete the project. The... More »
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There are thousands upon thousands of "how to" project ideas out there. Some ideas for how to projects are how to craft jewlery, how to make home made soap and candles,
Statistical analysis, surveys and public polls are some of the other interesting
1. Review the guidelines for your project. The average senior project focuses on a single thesis or argument. In most cases, this is an extended essay and may be 10 or more pages
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You can make a volcano for a high school science fair project. Maybe try to build a little robot or car. Something with electronics would be a good idea. ...
Computer engineering senior design project ideas are helpful to senior students to decide what to do their particular project on. The senior design project in ...
Some ideas for a senior project include conducting a charitable event. Organizing a blood drive is another idea. A history of leadership can also be conducted. ...
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