How were the Shasta Indian shelters made?


The Shasta people lived in northwest California and southwest Oregon. Their primary food was salmon, as well as berries, bulbs, nuts and deer. The dwelling house of the winter village was called the "umma" It was about 16 x 20 feet and dug 3 feet
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The Creek tribe inhabited the area that is now Georgia, Alabama, Florida and North Carolina. They lived in single-family houses built around a central village square, which included
The Native American Indian had more than 20 different types of shelters. Some houses were permanent and others were meant to be moved with the tribe's search for food. The major types
They live in huts and longhouses.
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The housing that was built by the Shasta Indians was made from either bark or earth. They were conical in shape and the materials that were used would depend on ...
Some little known Shasta Indian facts include the fact that they are not a federally recognized tribe, and current members are petitioning the government to again ...
Shasta Indians clothing was made from animal pelts and hides, such as deer, elk, antelope, beaver, raccoon, squirrel, rabbit, mink, fox, otter, wolf, and badger. ...
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