Soaking an Infected Toe?


One of the best ways to draw out pus from an infected toe is to soak it in salt water. You can use a tablespoon of salt to a quart of warm water. You may want to gently pierce the area with a sterilized needle to open it up prior to soaking. You also need to know what caused the infection in the first place. If it was caused by the corner of the nail growing into the skin, you'll have to lift the corner up and trim it. There is also a hard piece that grows next to the nail that can grow into the skin, which can cause pain and infection. It can be removed with clippers or tweezers.
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Toes can become infected for many reasons-fungal infections, toenail infections, or even an infection from cutting a nail too short and opening the skin. Because your toes are inside
you soak an infected toe for 15 minutes each day until the the infection goes down.
1. Fill a plastic tub with warm water. Make sure it is warm, for cold or hot water will not help make it more enjoyable or relaxing. Ad. 2. After that, add Epsom salt to the water
Begin treating urself by soaking toe in warm water.Do for 15
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