How to Gap a Spark Plug?


When you buy spark plugs they sometimes come already gaped for you, but its always better to check the gap. You can get these gap's at the parts store, they will have them up front.
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Check your owner's manual for the specifications as to how large the gap needs to be. The closer the strap is to the plug, the more intense the spark will be and the hotter the tip
1 Learn your vehicle's gap specifications. Whether you're shopping for new plugs, you just bought new plugs that you want to check before installing , or you want to check the function
Answer The area on a spark plug where the spark takes place. Answer Spark plug gap is the distance that energy must breech to complete an electrical circuit. It varies fron manufacturer
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The spark plug gap within a motorcycle is in the spark plugs themselves. Depending on the grade of the spark plug, you may have gap sizes that vary. A larger gap ...
To gap a spark plug you need to use a spark plug gap tool. A spark plug gap tool can be purchased at your local auto parts store. A spark plug gap should be no ...
A spark plug gap tool is a device that is used to set a proper gap in a spark plug. This can be useful if the spark plug gets worn out overtime and the gap changes ...
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