What is the specific fuel consumption formula?


The specific fuel consumption formula is a formula that is used to measure the fuel efficiency of a basic engine or a shaft rotating engine. This formula is generally the fuel consumption of the vehicle divided by the braking power of that same vehicle. This ratio is used to determine the amount of power provided by an engine when compared to the consumption of fuel required to generate that power. The number is used to determine which engines are the most fuel efficient.
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consumption of fuel in grams per horse power(kw) one hour.
The weight of fuel burned per hour to produce a given amount of brake horsepower in a reciprocating engine. Normally, BSFC is expressed in pounds of fuel burned per hour for each
Specific fuel consumption may refer to: Brake specific fuel consumption, fuel efficiency within a shaft reciprocating engine. Thrust specific fuel consumption, fuel efficiency of
Race fuel consumption rate is normally around
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