What are some good speech topics for grade 8?


Some good ideas for eighth grade speech topics include the best idea for a school field trip, things kids wish adults understood, why schools should eliminate homework, and how technology has improved the world. Students have many options for funny, persuasive and informative speech topics.

In a persuasive speech, the speaker attempts to get the audience to agree with his way of thinking. Persuasive topics are usually more controversial, or something that has two clear sides. To give a persuasive speech, students need to choose a side to support. Some ideas for a persuasive speech are school uniforms, violence in video games, the importance of music and arts education, rewarding students for good grades, and why students should be able to use their cell phones in class.

In other cases, students may be asked to give a speech during an assembly or another event, such as eighth grade graduation. Some ideas for this type of speech include talking about favorite memories from the years leading up to graduation, things students are looking forward to about high school, life lessons learned from teachers and parents, things students have accomplished while in school, and challenges students will face in the years to come.

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you could write about.people ( famous or not it doesn't matter)fears.animals.foods.video games.music.movies. the impact something has on something else ( for example the impact video
1. Choose a compelling topic, although in some cases a topic may be mandated by the teacher. Focus on topics that interest and excite you, as this energy and enthusiasm will make
I can't think of any speech topics i can do? Everyone eles in my class have there topics, but i cant think of one. I want one appropriate for my age and informative. So if you can
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Good Speech Topics for Grade 8 Students
Speeches give 8th-grade students the opportunity to express their opinions, argue their beliefs and practice the art of public speaking. By assigning 8th-grade students the task of composing and presenting a speech, teachers can help prepare these... More »
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