Spot on Pancreas?


The pancreas is an organ that is part of the digestive system in the body. The job of the pancreas is to produce certain hormones such as insulin, glucagon, pancreatic peptide, and somatostatin. If a spot is found on the pancreas, it could be a lesion, a cyst, or a tumor. The spot would be found during an MRI or a CT scan taken of the body. A doctor will be able to do tests to diagnose and treat the spot.
Q&A Related to "Spot on Pancreas"
Spots on the pancreas can be caused by benign tumors or by pancreatic
A spot = Abnormality. It can be anything from a simple freckle, a cyst or something more sinister. A biopsy will give you answers.
Expert's Answer Hi Laura, What kind of spot are you talking about? Was this something found on x-ray, CT scan, or MRI? If so, what was the reason the scans were done? Lance
I understand from your query that you are a NHL survivor and on routine check up on follow up a spot 1.5 cm diameter has been picked up over the pancreas on radiological examination
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