How do you track text messages with Sprint?


You can track text messages sent through a Sprint mobile phone by creating an online account and then installing a third-party cell phone monitoring software like Mobile Spy or My Mobile Watchdog on the device or gadget used for texting.
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1. Visit the Sprint website and create an account. Select "My Sprint" from the top menu on the home page followed by "Sign up Today." Complete the form and select
Sprint is a cell phone network in the United States that enables it subscribers to communicate in multiple ways including calls and text. A Sprint text message is a text message sent
Text message RIMM to Spring for account information.
This is a new thing in text messaging; it is way to communicate in as little amount of words as possible. Acronyms are a way to convey a sentence only using the beginning letters
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Sprint Nextel Corporation is a telecommunications company based in Overland Park, Kansas. The company owns and operates Sprint,… More>>
Sprint offers their customers a variety of text messaging packages. They commonly come bundled with other services such as talk, data, and web. If a bundled package is purchased, additional texting minutes can also be purchased to be added on to most plans if needed. The costs for text messaging will vary depending on the plan chosen, but they range between $49.99 and $69.99. Depending on the plan chosen, the time of day that they can be used may be limited.
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