What do Star Tattoos Mean?


There isn't a specific meaning for stars to have. They can resemble anything. They can mean whatever it is that you want it too. So if you are considering getting some tattoos that have to do with stars, Then you may look in a tattoo artists
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Star Tattoo Ideas With Meanings
Ranked second on website RankMyTattoos.com's "Top 50 Most Popular Tattoo Designs" list, star tattoos are worn by tattooed men and women seeking a design that promotes protection or attainment of goals. A tattoo artist adds design elements such as tribal,... More »
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The nautical star goes back to old navy traditions. It was the sailor that brought the tattoo back with him to the states. The nautical star represents 5000 nautical miles sailed.
According to the website Vanishing Tattoo, a star tattoo can have five, six or nine points, but five-pointed stars are the most popular. Star tattoos can symbolize light dwelling
What do tattoo tears mean? Specifically, it depends on the person and the tear tattoo in question. Generally, it means it's a reminder of something sad. Tears, obviously, are signs
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As with most contemporary tattoos what a Star Tattoo can mean varies as much as the different colors it can be filled in with. There is no particular meaning. ...
5 Point start tattoos can be used with a variety of different meanings. They could be used to signify the devil. They could also signify the morning star. ...
The star has always been a symbol of truth, spirit, hope, order, and destiny. Nautical stars are seen as directional symbols, representing the north star. The ...
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