States with No Speed Limit?


As of 2013, there are not any states in the United States which do not have speed limits. The speed limits are set on a state level and vary state to state. Speed limits are determined by the type of road, state laws, and where the road is located. The highest speed limits are currently 80 miles per hour and the lowest is 60 miles per hour. Speed limits are set for highways and interstates as well as local city roads. Until 1987, it was not allowed for a state to set speed limits above 55 miles per hour.
Q&A Related to "States with No Speed Limit?"
That depends on which state and which type of road you had in mind. There'll be a major difference in speed limits between an Interstate Highway in Texas and an unmarked crown road
If we define "highway" to be any divided road, then in the United States, the lowest highway speed limit belongs to Connecticut, Hawaii, Indiana, Missouri, and Minnesota
1. Select, download and install a traffic-shaping program like NetBalancer, Traffic Shaper XP or NetLimiter to the computer for which you want to limit speed or bandwidth (see Resources
Oregon DOT decided not to implement a law allowing Interstate speed
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