Steering Wheel Is Hard to Turn?


The most common cause of a steering wheel being hard to turn is an issue with the power steering system. Often, the power steering fluid is low or almost out and simply needs to be refilled in order for it to work properly. If the belt is broken in the power steering system, this can also cause problems with the steering system, and there could also be an issue with the power steering pump. The first thing to check would be the fluid level and evaluate further, if needed.
Q&A Related to "Steering Wheel Is Hard to Turn?"
Vehicles that are involved in a collision can incur steering component damage that may escape notice under light inspection. The slightest distortion of the chassis, or defective
THE POWER STEERING PUMP IS LOW ON FLUID OR HAS GONE BAD ALLTOGETHER. This happened to my 2002 intrigue,and it was caused by failure of the rack and pinion steering, parts were obtained
Hi i would advice to check front wheels air pressure.
If it has power steering, it could be low/out of fluid, PS pump could have failed, steering box gears worn. If no PS, check tire pressure, check steering gear. Source(s) old wench
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