Stillborn Puppies?


Just like with humans, puppies can give birth to puppies that are stillborn. Thee are many things that can go wrong with a dog that is pregnant. The most common issue that can cause a stillborn puppy is an infection within the mother during the pregnancy. You will not know that the puppy is stillborn until the mother gives birth to it. When you notice that the puppy is stillborn, you can dispose of the puppy in a humane way of your choosing.
Q&A Related to "Stillborn Puppies?"
"Stillborn" means the puppies appeared fully formed when they were delivered, but they never drew breath and were born dead. This can be caused by a variety of things, including
It could be a number of different reasons. Most common would be that the puppies were born prematurely or the birth was difficult and they remained too long in the birth canal and
Being stillborn means that the puppy was dead at birth.
its sad but you can't resuscitate a still born, it is normal for female dog to walk away, she knows
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